How To Move From Photography To Videography

Many people think that photography and videography are completely separate entities. However, bridging the gap between the two has never been easier. In the past, getting into photography was much easier, you needed less equipment and overall less people to operate that equipment. Today, gear has gotten a lot smaller and the you only really need yourself to manage your production.

dslr-photographerPhotographers looking to get into moving pictures can really get started with an modern day DSLR. Cameras such as the Canon 70D or the Nikon Series of Cameras let you switch between photo and video on the press of a button. I’ve been using these cameras to get stunning results since I was in film school and moving into my career working with companies such as MarketME Video Production, I was surprised to see that industry professionals also rely on this gear.

These Digital SLRs are a great way to get into video production with having to spend more money on new equipment. All the concepts that you’ve learned as a photographer remain the same. The rules of framing, composition and lighting don’t change when the camera and subjects start moving they only start to get more complicated (or challenging). The goal when your subjects are moving to focus on making sure each position and movement of either your camera or subject will work as a still photo, if you can achieve that goal your cinematography will be taken to the next level.

Red-camera-rigOnce you’ve moved past DSLR cameras you can always invest in camera gear such as the RED camera and the Phantom Camera (great for slow motion footage). You can even get into drone photography or decided to specialize in aerial photography and make that the service your provide. The possibilities are really endless with videography, however, it’s important to realize that your don’t need to spend and arm and leg to start practicing. Many of the tools your need to get started are already in your kit – you just need to get out there are start shooting


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